Tuesday, July 25, 2006

We are less than two weeks away from our vacation to Wisconsin to pick up Laika, we are so excited. I have decided to have an animal communicator talk to all three dogs, to find out what they are all thinking and to let Moxie and Kyan know that we have a permanent addition that will be coming hime with us. I will post after the consultation next Monday. This coming weekend we are going to Weyer's Cave, VA to show in BRASC and hopefully come home with a few more points. One of our club members just lost a 3rd dog in 10 months to unusual cause and it really just strengthens my conviction that I am doing the right thing raising my dogs naturally. My hope by being a natural rearer is to have them around and as healthy as possible well into their teens.
Exciting news to come in the near future, Kyan will be siring his first litter with a wonderful little girl that will be announce as soon as the breeding takes place.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Much has happened since I last posted, True had a litter of seven gorgeous, healthy puppies and everyone is doing wonderfully. The puppies are now seven weeks old, and we will be going to pick up Laika on August 5th when I will get to spend a week with my good friend and mentor, Sheryl Kaminski of Daybreak Aussies. There is still one puppy available from this litter, so if you are interested in a naturally reared aussie, please feel free to contact Sheryl directly.