Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Happy News!!! Sheryl, my friend and mentor from Daybreak Aussies in WI, is on her way as we speak to breed her beautiful girl True (Daybreak's B True to YourselfAKC/ASCA CDX, CGC, NA, FFX-A P, NAJ, FFX-A P, RS-N, NAC, FFX-A P, JS-N, NJC, DNA-VP (AKC ptd, ASCA major ptd - 10 pts) to Apollo (ASCA Ch. Willowcreek's Pandemonium Sun ASCA CD, CGC, DNA-VP) for a early June litter. Please feel free to check out Sheryl's puppy page for more info....http://daybreakaussies.com/puppies.htm
We will be picking up our little girl when we go up to visit Sheryl in August, which coincides with the Pyrotechnic convention that Norman and I plan to attend (though I will probably be having such a good time with the dogs and puppies that my plans will change drastically!).
Norman ans Moxie entered a Frisbee tournament this past weekend, and while no ribbons were earned, we had a great time socializing with other dog lovers and playing disc.